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Come join us on Saturdays in our purpose-built classroom to dial in your latte art skills.From the frequent art shows on display to our musical guests, we try hard to bring in the best art we can find.The skill of a good barista is to interpret what the customer is asking for in their coffee and to produce a coffee beverage to the individual preferences of the customer who may or may not be an educated coffee drinker.

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My latte art is reserved for lattes which is made of blending the coffee with texturized frothy milk resulting in a defined layer of micro-foam about 1cm in depth.With the strong need of the society, the Baristas, coffeehouse bartenders, have sought for creativity.A relatively new art medium has appeared around the world in recent times.

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I have just ordered a new Gaggia classic machine, which I cannot wait for, and the plan is to buy the Rancilio wand and modify the machine - as.And with so many parameters affecting how much you get to enjoy your coffee, many people consider making a good shot of espresso an art in itself.

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In this 2 days class you will learn how to make a picture with latte art method on your cup of coffee.Sure, you could go ahead and make your usual cup of joe, but show off your love for coffee by learning how to make a latte topped with a beautiful foam heart.

We are also dedicated to pouring beautiful latte art on the tops of our espresso drinks.You can get simple shapes and the taste is actually pretty great.

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Make the aeropress extra strong (coarse grid steeped for 2 minutes) and mocriwave and wand the milk.

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Beauty is in the eye of the cup-holder and latte art is the hallmark of beautifully pulled espresso, carefully steamed milk, and the artistic touch of a dedicated, skilled barista.

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Note: This class is for those who either already have some experience steaming milk, or have already taken our Home Barista class.

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A latte is a coffee drink that is normally made with espresso, steamed milk, and milk foam.

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Stir egg yolks with sugar until creamy and pale yellow colored.The layers of espresso and steamed milk are mixed together and topped with a light layer of foam.

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Latte in glass with foam and spoon top view White Cup with coffee beans on dark wooden background close-up Coffee mug depiction Cups coffee and tea A cup of cappuccino or Vanilla Latte.

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This art form has risen in popularity along with the rise of the coffee shop.


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